Highly recommend!

Highly recommend! I was so impressed with my chocolate lab’s newly trained manners, we all thought he was also switched. With continued daily obedience workouts, he impresses us more and more each day. I will note that we had a Dr. appt. for a check-up and he too was so impressed with Casper’s behavior, he asked me for several cards to give his patients and one for himself!!! Got to love it! Thank you so much, Nora and your professional crew! You guys are outstanding!

Jo Ann, Casper's mom

THANK YOU Nora’s staff! 🙂

SO impressed with the transformation of my Romeo! Still the same happy, lovable, goofy pup BUT with manners!!!! He is calmer and much more relaxed with his training. THANK YOU Nora’s staff! 🙂

Jessica C

Highly recommend

Highly recommend. At first, I thought they switched dogs with me cause of how well my Lexi was learning. didn’t think it was possible, but they trained not only her but me also.

Jerry M

We wish you many years of continued success!

We can’t help but tell you again (and again) how grateful we are that we found you & all the amazing trainers at Nora’s! As you all know, Freddie was a rescue with serious biting issues & was one bite away from the inevitable. Thanks to you, Freddie is now so incredibly well behaved, loves to play & hang with us & is completely free of whatever was causing his issues. He’s a love bug & our little guy. We don’t want to think of what could have happened to him if we hadn’t found you. Freddie loves visiting you all when we are on vacation!! We wish you many years of continued success!


Barbara S

Thanks to everyone.

My 95lb Walker Coon Hound was trained April 2011 at Nora’s and still is so well behaved, you just have keep up with the commands at home. Nora’s was the best money I ever spent on my dog and Paul did an amazing job with my Ellie. Thanks to everyone.

Susan H.

We love ya guys…

Hi Nora and Barry,
Hershey is doing amazing…What you guys have done with him is beyond words. He is no longer scared and knows all his commands. He is such a good boy. He listens.. Just a couple of no’s here and there. The funny part is that when you sent this email I was leaving you a voice message… You are like our second family. For the first time ever I was able
to walk Hershey in Petsmart with other dogs and people and he kept on heeling no barking looked at the other dogs and just wagged his tail… Also, Jenn walked Hershey with his basketball in his mouth… He was wagging his tail like there was no tomorrow…We are so proud of him and how hard he worked with you guys. Our one word to you is Priceless. What you have done with Hershey is Priceless…I am sure Hershey misses his buddies there and Barry and his big backyard and his crate… MJ the cat slept on top on Hershey last night.
A million thank you cannot express how we fill.
We love ya guys…

Millie and Jenn

I couldn’t be more pleased!!!

I just wanted to thank you and especially Barry for taking such good care of Clancee. He has been nothing but well behaved since we were reconnected last week. I see a complete change in him and he doesn’t mind taking time out of his day to practice and perfect his skills. I am so thankful for everything you have done for him and I am sure he will be visiting some summers for a refresher and to say hi while I get to enjoy the beach!
Again thank you for everything I couldn’t be more pleased!!!

Kady Schwartz

I just wanted to thank you ALL for taking such wonderful care of our Roxie!

To EVERYONE at Nora’s Dog Training Company: I just wanted to thank you ALL for taking such wonderful care of our Roxie! Roxie came home well fed, well groomed and well mannered. I am very pleased with all of her training progress. I was able to work with her several times today and she really knew her commands! I look forward to working on her training.
She will be back next year for boarding and refresher courses while we vacation at the beach! A special thank you to Amanda for the BEAUTIFUL professional photos she took of Roxie, everyone raves about them, and to all of you for dealing with my constant emails! What a wonderful experience.
Thank you.

Lois Russell

What you have done with her in two weeks is amazing.

Hi Nora,
Obedience training video of Dixie is awesome !! What you have done with her in two weeks is amazing. When we dropped her off it felt like she was with family and thus surrounded by a lot of love! ALL of your staff is just incredible. We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.


He is happy, calm and well behaved.

I just want to say thank you so much for everything you guys have done. Our Niko is a special boy and was really headed down an unfortunate road. Even though he needed a little extra help from you guys he is a changed dog. He is the wonderful dog I knew he had the potential to be. He is happy, calm and well behaved. His confidence has given him the freedom to trust in himself and us when it comes to the roles we have in our pack.
Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Michelle, Dawn, David and Ryan and most of all Niko

I am so pleased with the changes in him.

Dear Amanda:
Just wanted to give you the update on Benjamin.  We had house guests this weekend and he was quite a little gentleman.  There were a few growls which ended when we told him “no”.  Overall he got along with our company very well.  We were in and out of the house with them and didn’t have to leash him except for the first entrance.  I am so pleased with the changes in him.  He is an absolute pleasure to walk now and comes to the door when we call him in from outside.  When I get my next dog, Nora’s Dog Training Company will definitely be in his future!
Thanks again,

Joanne Fink

We will be sure to recommend your program to all our friends and family!

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how impressed we are with the Nora’s Dog Training Company experience.  Paulie has made vast improvements since completing your program.  A special thanks to Fred for all his hard work and commitment.  We will be sure to recommend your program to all our friends and family!
Thank you,

Rich and Susan Marr

You are truly amazing…

Nora, Fred & Staff,
My family & I are forever grateful for the care and training you provided for our English Mastiff puppy, Denali. When you received Denali he was a dominant puppy who was becoming aggressive and out of control. We were not sure if we would be able to keep him. After completing his training with you he is like a …new puppy, following his commands and being a part of our family instead of controlling it. We are sincerely appreciative to you for saving his life and look forward to continuing his training with you. You are truly amazing and the proof is in how much Denali’s behavior has changed.
Thank you again,

Ps: Denali watches the DVD of his training too. I think he misses Fred!

Lea Marie Sacco & Family

He’s doing awesome

Thank you for training King! He’s doing awesome

Justin Tuck

You guys are heaven sent! 

To Nora & The Nora’s Dog Training Family,
You guys are heaven sent!  Stone has improved tremendously!  I am forever grateful for what you have taught him.  Please give Amanda, Fred and Tim my love as well.

Love, Stone, Resna & Family

Thank you again for all your help and encouragement.

Dear Staff at Nora’s Dog Training Company,
Just a quick thank you for your help and support in training our puppy Darcy!  She is a very special little puppy.  After she came home from school she held her pee for nearly 12 hours at a time … t is remarkable!  She has continued to do well responding to the commands you taught Darcy and us.  Thank you again for all your help and encouragement.

Jayne Kirby

I don’t know any other way to say thank you…

Hi Nora,
Muzzy is doing very well. He is responding well to the commands. We are on top of the training like you would not believe. His eating habits are completely changed. He now eats on time (morning and afternoon) and does not bug us anymore at night which is excellent and he eats inside his crate!!!! Yay!! There was a day after a walk when we forgot to give him food so what does he do? He sat next to his crate, looks at us, then looks at his crate back and forth then it hit us!!! Another big change that we notice is his interaction with other dogs. He’s always good with them but he used to be very suspicious of big dogs, so you’ll see him very much alert. Now these days, he goes up to bigger dogs, says hi and no problem. He smiles, sniffs, plays and walks away. Bottom line is that he’s more confident with himself now.  We are certainly going back to your place one of these days for additional training and boarding.
I don’t know any other way to say thank you and how much Kendy and I appreciate you guys helping us with him.
Thanks again!


He doing so well, he is much calmer and more manageable.

Hi Nora,
I am writing you about Baxter. He doing so well, he is much calmer and more manageable.
We are working on his training and he is adjusting to us very well. We are keeping him on a schedule and hopefully he will just keep getting better.
Thanks for all your help with Baxter and we will keep in touch.
Thanks again,

Kimberly Bianchi

She is now know as “former psycho.”

Nora and Staff,
I took a blind leap of faith when I found your web site, not to mention that round trip for me was an entire day. The thoughts of having Haley so far from home made me anxious at times to say the least but after talking to you I knew she would be just fine. Everything was confirmed for me when I arrived to drop her off. You and your staff did an incredible job with “psycho.” Following thru with her training is easy with the video that was provided. As a result she is well behaved, the cat is happy, as is her “sister” Hannah, not to mention how thrilled I am. She is now know as “former psycho.” Thanks again for everything.

Mary Ellen

Thanks for everything.

Hi Amanda,
Shadow has been doing great. He has been responding well to each of the commands and he really seems to enjoy the time spent training. Today is the first day that he’s been left alone with all of us at work since I picked him up, but he seems a lot happier and calmer. My roommates are very happy to have him back home as well. Hopefully, he’ll continue to learn.
Thanks for everything.

Kevin Scott

Alright – who is that dog you sent home and what did you do with Zeus?

Dear Nora & Fred,
Alright – who is that dog you sent home and what did you do with Zeus? Seriously, he is a completely different dog than the one we sent to you. I have walked him a number of times and he has been great. He has not chased after cars, dogs or people and he has not pulled my arm out of it’s socket. He walks along side me and stops and sits when I stop. He is also much calmer in the house. When our cleaning lady came today, he barked, but did not go crazy.  I realize that we have to still work with him, but I wanted to thank you again, and have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

Sincerely, Frank Spadafora

Chance is an entirely different dog on his walks so far.

Hi Nora,
I just wanted to send you and Fred another thank you (please pass this on to him as I know he does not participate in email 🙂 ) Chance is an entirely different dog on his walks so far. I feel such a sense of empowerment and control. He walks right by my left hand side sometimes even a step or 2 behind. He is able to sit when I stop walking and we practice this several times on our walks. He stays and goes down during walks and on our return before entering the house. I have been able to walk past people and other dogs without wondering how to avoid them like I did before. Again, thank you very much. I know without the 2 weeks of training he would not have come this far. Take care.

Kristy Korab

Talk about being a proud parent.

To all the staff,
Oliver and I have just had the BEST walk since we have been together (19months) Man &Beast in perfect harmony. We walked together as a TEAM on a three-mile hike, and then finished off with a good romp around the Bark Park. Talk about being a proud parent. This morning it just could not have been better.  I’ll take each walk as it comes, and try and put into practice the things we need too.

Marie Healy

Thank you Thank you Thank you….

Hi Nora,
I just wanted to thank you and Fred for the wonderful job you have done with Baxter. It’s like having a different dog living in our home, and we LOVE it!
I’ve already implemented all of the training commands that Fred showed me yesterday, and Baxter has been great. He has needed a couple of little tugs to remind him to sit, (once I stop walking) but has been perfect with all of the other commands. I worked with him once we got home yesterday in our backyard where it was very quiet, and again this morning. I even took him to the park this afternoon (where there are a lot of distractions) but he listened and acted like such a gentleman. I used the “stay” command once he did his poopies so that I was able to pick it up. Prior to the training, he used to pull me all over making it next to impossible.

Our kids cannot get over the transformation in Baxter. They were so impressed with the DVD, which by the way, I have watched quite a few times. Baxter has been calmer, not barking at every little noise he hears and has not worked himself into a frenzy as he has in the past. Well, only a little once when the mailman came, however, I kept him on his leash (as you both recommended) and let him bark as Fred said that I should, but after a few barks told him no and gave him a tug. He listened!

I will keep you posted on his progress but wanted to say Thank you Thank you Thank you….

Sincerely, Ginny Spindler


We adopted our Bandit at 8mths old from a kill shelter. He had a birth defect, hip dysplasia, and do for the first 4 mths Bandit had 2 procedures done on his hip done .
After his rehab, we noticed some bad habits, nipping, stubborn attitude, and such.
After researching I found Nicole Buck of Bucks Dog Training, we stopped by the office, spoke to Timothy and Nicole, met some of dogs being trained and toured her facility. We signed up for the 3 week live in training (Bandit stayed with trainer, facility and home, ) . I was very apprehensive about leaving my dog for 3 weeks with a stranger, but within 2 hours I was sent pictures and videos. Everyday updates and videos of training. Since we picked up our pup he has been off leash walking, door manners, heel, place…
Thank you Nicole and staff!!

Marie Solimeo

Thank you so Much!

Just wanted to let you know that Trina is a new dog, she behaves well and listens to all commands. I cannot believe the difference in her . Thank you for the crate training it is working out beautifully. She is comfortable with the crate and goes in without coaxing. She has stopped all the excessive barking and comes when called.We are so pleased with the outcome and feel grateful for all your patience with her and spending all that extra time to make sure she was fully ready to come home. She is a Godsend for John as a service dog and partner.

John & Rose Lederer

Dan Gentile and his wonderful

Dan Gentile and his wonderful staff trained our strong-willed 1 year old German Shepherd so well. He was out of control and now is such a well-behaved dog. We couldn’t be happier! They are so nice there
Highly recommend to anyone who needs their dog to be trained

Richard And Samantha Greco

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