How Do You Know if Your Dog is Happy…

  • Dog Training   •   June 2, 2018

Dogs feel emotions similar to ours, but they can’t express them as we do. They show their feelings through body language, behavior, and even health. And believe it or not, there are specific signs that indicate dog happiness.

Like a 2-year-old child, your dog lacks the vocabulary to tell you how they feel. However, also like a toddler, dogs’ body language and behavior communicate emotions. For example, most of us know what it looks like when our dog is “frustrated.”

Physical signs of a happy dog

In general, a happy dog will have a relaxed body language. These are some of the physical signs of a happy dog:

  • A soft, partially open mouth

  • Ears that are relaxed not pulled back or taut with alertness

  • Overall relaxed posture, with a raised head, relaxed tail, and confident stance

  • A tail wag that involves whole-body wiggles, or at least a relaxed body. Conversely, a dog standing stiffly with a tautly waving tail may be showing alertness or nervousness.

  • Rolling over to show their belly

  • Making a “play bow,” with their rear in the air and chest lowered to the ground as an invitation to play

Of course, every dog is different, and body composition may vary. But in general, a happy dog will appear comfortable and at ease

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