Understanding your dog’s behavior

Have you ever been around your dog and wondered what she is thinking or feeling?

One of the most adorable things your dog does is give you those big puppy dog eyes. Though most people melt and reward this cuteness with a treat, this is your dog’s way of saying he loves and trusts you. (I’m sure he will appreciate the tasty morsel too!)

If you find your beloved dog looking at you before he is about to do something, this means he respects and desires your opinion. He understands you are in charge and does not like to upset you.

This means your pet wants attention and is ready to spend quality time with you. If you notice this behavior, check yourself. Have you been too busy to show her some love today? If so, make some time. It’s good for both of you!

You will notice even low maintenance dogs have a need for your attention. Here again, intense staring is not her way of being creepy. She just wants your affection.

If you caught the opposite sex doing this to you, you might call the police. When a dog does this, it’s a sign they are relaxed, happy and mellow. This is usually their expression after getting the attention they crave!

If you catch your dog like this, it means she is neutral, relaxed and secure in her surroundings. If you are wondering when the best time to approach a strange dog is, it is when they are doing these things.

Ready To see an Improvement on your Dog’s Behavior?